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    LN: Westlake

    DW: Grace Abigail
    DH: Kai Benicio

    DD: Bliss Natalie
    DS/DS: Jensen Patrick / Peregrine James *Penn*
    DD/DS/DD: Magdalen Opal *Maggie* / Rockwell Simon *Wells* / Zoe Alyssa
    LN: Leigh

    DW: Isobel Azalea *Iso*

    ADD: Simone Olivia *Simi*
    ADS: Thaddeus Felix *Teddy*

    LN: Harper

    DW: Willa Juliette
    DH: Jonah William

    DS: Judson Wallace
    DS: Truman Quincy
    DS: Huxley Frederick *Huck*
    DS: Valentin Robert
    DD/DD: Penelope Lillith *Poppy* & Hattie Laurel
    LN: Woods

    DH: Kaleo Matthew Robert

    DS/DS: Connory Lucas Franklin & Ronan Thomas Mitchell
    DD/DS/DD/DS: Bay Alexandra, Valor Amadeo, Katara Alice, Zajac Andrew
    ADD/ADD: Maeve Poet & Nicola Faye

    LN: Norrington

    DH: Samuel Colin *Sam*
    DW: Sylvie Astrid

    DS: Jonah Caledon
    DD: Meara Elise Treau
    DS: Mercer Redmond
    DS: Beau Damien
    DD: Deanna Therese Clover
    LN: Truman

    DH: Owen Daniel
    DW: Naomi Taylor

    DD: Vada Eleanor
    DD/DD: Ruby Melody & Rosalie Maxine *Rosie*
    DD/DD: Cecelia Helene *Cece* & Phillipa Holiday *Pippa*
    DS: Otter Daniel
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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