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Thread: initals caf

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    initals caf

    My family(:

    Drop the first 3 kids down to their so's and kids!!!

    LN: D
    DH: JJ Sr.
    DW: BC

    DD1: SM
    DD2: JL
    DS: JJ Jr.
    Dog: R
    Cat: M

    Dd1 & DH: RJDS
    DD1: SJS
    DD2: CLS
    DS: MXS

    DD2 & DH: RHP
    DS: AJP
    DD: KLP
    Dog: A
    Pig: O

    DS & DW: KAW
    DD1: PAD
    DD2: HID
    Dog 1: S
    Dog 2: S
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    LN: Dutch
    DH: Jonathan James Dutch Sr.
    DW: Brooke Caroline Dutch

    DD1: Samantha Meredith Dutch
    DD2: Johanna Louise Dutch
    DS: Jonathan James Dutch Jr.
    Dog: Ralph
    Cat: Miranda

    Samantha and Robert John Davis Smith
    DD1: Sheila Jane Smih
    DD2: Carla Louise Smith
    DS: Maximilian Xavier "Max" Smith

    Johanna and Richard Harrison Powell
    DS: Anthony James Powell
    DD: Kaitriona Louise "Kait" Powell
    Dog: Alfredo
    Pig: Otis

    Jonathan Jr. and Katherine Amelia Waters
    DD1: Pamela Amelia Dutch
    DD2: Heidi Isadora Dutch
    Dog 1: Sam
    Dog 2: Slate
    Names that make me happy:

    Ronan Cornelius & Everett Lake
    Thinking About: Iris Viviana & Maeve Cecilia

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    LN: D - Daery
    DH: JJ Sr. - Jean Julian
    DW: BC - Bea Charlotte

    DD1: SM - Sabrina Mariel
    DD2: JL - Juno Lucille
    DS: JJ Jr. - Jean Julian
    Dog: R - Richard
    Cat: M - Marion

    Dd1 & DH: RJDS - Rebecca Joan Deidre Sutton and Robert Jay Donald Sutton
    DD1: SJS - Simonetta Joy Sutton
    DD2: CLS - Claudia Leigh Sutton
    DS: MXS - Maxwell Xavier Sutton

    DD2 & DH: RHP - Robyn Hazel Patterson and Robin Harold Patterson
    DS: AJP - Arthur Julian Patterson
    DD: KLP - Kylie Louise Patterson
    Dog: A - Albert
    Pig: O - Owen

    DS & DW: KAW - Kieran Arthur William and Kayla Amber Winter
    DD1: PAD - Pandora Aline Danielle
    DD2: HID - Hal Ivan David
    Dog 1: S - Sebastian
    Dog 2: S - Sabrina

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    LN: Darby
    DH: Jerome Jolyon Sr.
    DW: Bridget Caitlin

    DD1: Sage Margaret
    DD2: Jane Leonora
    DS: Jerome Jolyon Jr.
    Dog: Russell
    Cat: Minerva

    DD1: Sage Margaret & DH: Rune Johann Darby-Solberg
    DD1: Svea Jane Solberg
    DD2: Cilla Louise Solberg
    DS: Magnus Xavier Solberg

    DD2: Jane Leonora & DH: Robert Henry Pollard
    DS: Angus James Pollard
    DD: Kezia Leonie Pollard
    Dog: Adam
    Pig: Olive

    DS: Jerome Jolyon Jr. & DW: Katherine Ann Wood
    DD1: Pearl Adelaide Darby
    DD2: Holly Imogen Darby
    Dog 1: Stanley
    Dog 2: Sophie

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