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    Girl Combos Galore!

    Let me know what you think! Please feel free to switch em around or suggest new middles! This is just a rough draft, I have no emotional attachment to any of the combos yet

    Isadora Genevieve / Isadora Beatrice
    Magnolia Evelyn / Magnolia Rosemarie / Magnolia Elspeth
    Adelaide Olivia / Adelaide Eleanor
    Gwyneth Juliette / Gwyneth Cordelia
    Rosemarie Anwen / Rosemarie Charlotte / Rosemarie Eliza
    Margaret Camille / Margaret Amelia
    Alice Rosalind / Alice Magnolia
    Phillipa Seraphine / Phillipa Katherine
    Imogen Felicity -more suggestions, please!-
    Lucille Magdalena / Lucille Coraline
    Daphne Imogen / Daphne Cordelia
    Juniper Alice -more suggestions, please!-
    Magdalena Olive -would it be weird to use this since I go by Lena? (full name is Helena)-
    Georgia Carys / Georgia Eloise
    Elowen Magnolia / Elowen
    Maren Lucia / Maren Cecilia
    Olive Matilda -more suggestions, please!-
    Anwen Carys / Anwen Seraphine
    Josephine Lucille -more suggestions, please!-

    Also feel free to suggest other FNs that you think would fit our style! Sisters are Clementine Aurora and Estella Vivienne!
    Thank you!
    Proud mama to
    -Clementine Aurora, Estella Vivienne & Magnolia Seraphine-

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    Man this forum moves really fast!
    Proud mama to
    -Clementine Aurora, Estella Vivienne & Magnolia Seraphine-

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    Northern England
    Emmett - Cathal - Eoghan - Baez - Wilfred - Rufus - Hugh - Virgil - Amos - Emanuel
    Rosemary - Lettice - Maude - Cordelia - Billie - Fenella - Una - Nancy - Tabitha - Eilidh

    Names for dreamy, sublime little darlings. The smell of springtime air, freckled knees, damp hair. Soft evening light and fiery hearts.

    olivia, seventeen, vegan film student. owner of fluffy black cat Shura!

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    polina ∙ 19 ∙ art history major ∙ web developer
    french/russian/swedish ∙ living in st. petersburg, russia


    in the silence of your bones and eyes
    forgotten magic sits and waits for fire

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