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Thread: This or That?

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    This or That?

    Hi everyone!

    We're having trouble, and at the moment (although it changes!) we are thinking about using either Kieran or Henry for a first name (we're waiting until delivery, so this is assuming the baby is a boy!).

    What are your thoughts on these?

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    I voted for Henry. It's a solid, handsome, timeless classic, whereas Kieran is a member of the (somewhat tired) Irish name trend.
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    I love both Henry and Kieran, so a very tough choice. I think it depends on what future names you would like to use. You honestly cannot go wrong with either. They are both very handsome names.

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    Henry is a great strong name with Character. I think your son will love being called Henry. Kieran might be a big name to carry. Plus I have a feeling he might have to spell it out for everyone.

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    Both are handsome, but I slightly prefer Henry. As for Kieran, I prefer the original spelling Ciaran.
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