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    Baby sister for Leonidas

    We aren't sure yet if we are having a girl, but we had such a horrible time trying to find a girls name last time for our surprise gender baby, we thought we'd get a head start, just in case!

    We want a name that is very uncommon (shocking) and will go well with big brother's name, Leonidas. He gets his name from the famous Spartan King, so we feel we should find something equally as epic for our next one.

    Some of my favourites last time around were Eowyn (strong literary character), Rogue (love the nn Ro) and Phoenix (love the mythical metaphor).

    My husband LOVES the name Jericho - and we actually were there in Israel a few months ago, so now it has an even stronger meaning for him. I also love the nn Echo, so it's a possibility, but I still hear mostly Jer, which is my ex boyfriend, so sort of weird for me.

    The only name we fully agreed on before was Willow - which has no special meaning to us, but I do like the nn Lo.

    Middle name will be Carolina (pronounced Caroleena) - it was what my MIL always wanted to name a girl, but she had all boys and never had the chance.

    So what do you think? suggestions?
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    I really love your son's name. It's so strong. Of your list I like Eowyn best. For me names like Willow and Phoenix just don't have enough gravitas to stand up to big brother's name.

    I tried to think of other names that felt like you were reviving an ancient classic. Here is what I came up with:

    Isolde (literary and romantic)
    Sophronia (a nice alternative to the too popular sophie)
    Amandine (while this one doesn't have the same historical feel it would go well with your middle name choice)
    Temperance (same comment as above)

    I also thought the suggestion of Guenevere by lerenard was perfect

    Good luck!

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    Jericho is such a wonderful name, although I prefer it for a boy. What about Phoenix for a girl? Throughout E. Asia, it is a symbol of women, brides, and the empress (in China). Rogue is very manly for me. What about...
    Nazareth- Zari could be a cute nn
    Isolde- this could really match Leonidas' mythological aspect
    Parisa- Pari were angel/ faeries in Persian legend. Pari would be a cute nn.
    Athena- goddess of wisdom
    Amaryllis- a lesser used flower name
    Ariadne- mythological name
    Persephone- ditto
    Aida- this has the same rare and epic feel to me. If you haven't heard Verdi's "Aida", it is the epitome of epic.
    Cosette- Les Mis. Epic.
    Cressida- Also an epic name via opera.
    Eveline- Perhaps a bit more common, but it's a James Joyce poem.
    Roxana- A bit tragic, but she was the wife of Alexander the Great. Complete with the nn Roxy.
    Annecy- a bit girly, but it's a lake.
    Ophelia- a great name if you're willing to do tragedy.
    Hero- I so wish I was brave enough to use this name. Think "Much Ado"...
    Beatrice- Another wonderful "Much Ado" name...
    Guinevere- The nn Gwyn makes this more accessible to me.
    Savina- I believe it's a saint's name... but it's so much more memorable than Sabrina.
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