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Thread: Chantal?

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    Why does everyone on here seem to hate Chantal? I think it's so beautiful. I was babysitting a cousin and her friend, and her friends name is Chantal. I thought it was gorgeous. I'm a teenager and nowhere near kids, but I'm a planner and love having a list. Why does everyone hate Chantal? Is there a bad connection to a celebrity or something that 20-30-40 year olds would know? I can't think of any Chantal's, but maybe there's a connection....TV character? Anyways, could anyone give their opinions on the name? Much appreciated,

    PS: Do you like Chantel or Chantal better? Do you pronounce them differently?

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    I think most people don't hate it, they just don't love it, for many it would seem dated. And while I don't mind it I do prefer Chantel/Chantelle, I hear Chantal as Shan-TAHL while Chantel/Chantelle is lighter Shan-TELL. I think it is a point where many people are considering it as it feels quite tied to the 80s and 90s at this point. I don't know of any characters with the name; but surely there would be some out there. There are some french names I like more though.
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    Chentelle doesn't have the best image in Australia its more of a lower class name. Chantal just seems harsh to me I don't know. It could have the same image as Chantelle? To me Chantelle is Shan-telle and Chantal is Sharn-tarl or Shan-tarl
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    @ Emiliana, thanks for the point. As a Canadian, I'd never have thought of the Australian pronunciation. I'm considering moving to Australia in about 5-7 years, so that could be a problematic pronunciation if I were to ever consider Chantal as a first name. Thanks

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    Honestly I quite like it - spelled Chantal. I think she was a French saint. I don't like Chantel or Chantelle.

    I think the majority of people would class it as tacky/lower-class/dated or what have you, which is sad because it's very pretty and a very legitimate name with a strong history.

    I would pronounce it SHON-tell.
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