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    Today is the day! Any other suggestions?

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    Oh I love Aspen nn Penny! Aspen Margaret is perfect.

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    I think Aspen Leah (lee-ya) balances well.

    Keep us posted!

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    Part of the flow depends on what your last name, but something melodic would be nice with Brynn:
    Brynn Amelia
    Brynn Eloise (or Eloisa)
    Brynn Olivia
    Brynn Penelope
    Brynn Miranda

    Of your Aspen combos, I like Aspen Margaret the best - and it's a great bonus that Margaret is a family name! Margaret Aspen sounds nice too - with nicknames like Maggie, Maisie, Daisy, Molly, Margo, Greta, Meg ... Margaret is an easy family name to re-use because it's so easy to come up with a nickname other than the one the older Margaret uses. I also like Briony with your name choices - Briony Aspen and Briony Margaret are sweet.

    Brynn Margaret isn't half bad, either!

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    Stick with Aspen. You've liked it for so long.

    Aspen Coralie
    Aspen Ellery
    Aspen Madeline
    Aspen Emmeline
    Aspen Naomi
    Aspen Louise
    Aspen Claire
    Aspen Juliet
    Aspen Francesca
    Aspen Julia
    Aspen Anneliese
    Aspen Noelle
    Aspen Emery
    Aspen Everly
    Aspen Elaina
    Aspen Elise
    Aspen Isabella
    Aspen Adelaide
    Aspen Brielle

    I love Penn or Penny as a nickname. I think you're overthinking the a** thing.

    Best of luck.

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