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Thread: Hospital Bag

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    Hospital Bag

    I thought I remembered seeing a post on this, but I'm not sure. So here it goes!

    Just looking for opinions on what to pack for hospital bag. Here's what I'm thinking-

    For Me-
    Travel Toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush and ties, makeup)
    1 pair of Pjs
    1 change of Clothes to go home in
    2 pairs house socks with grippy bottom
    Underwear (I always overpack on this lol)

    String of White lights (calming lighting for hospital room)
    Peppermint tea
    Extra Comfort Objects (focal point, hot pack, aromatherapy, etc.)

    1 Change of clothes
    Snacks/drinks of choice

    2 or 3 outfits
    2 blankets

    As a first time mom, i am having such a hard time with this. I don't want to overpack, but I definitley want the three of us to have a comfortable experience. I really don't know what is necessary for baby! I hear some people say that all they need is a car seat and a going home outfit if you want something special! Our baby is due in march, so it could technically be beautiful and warm, or blizzard like conditions! So I don't know what clothes to pack to bring him home in. Also should I bring the boppy? Nursing cover? Extra blankets? I have no idea!

    Open for any and all suggestions

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    A few things I was thankful I had were my own towels! The ones at the hospital are small and awful. I got pink ones so they easily knew they belonged to me. I wasn't there long before baby came, so I needed after stuff. This time I will be taking more warm clothes and blankets. The hospital was very cold and I wished I had more. I will also be packing snacks, or have a loved one designated to bring these for you when they visit after!
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    All looks good to me! Just a few things i'd add, although i wouldn't call them essentials:

    A water spritzer for you face- labour can get hot! The mist ones are the best, and its nice for your SO to be able to do something to make you more comfortable.

    Lip balm/chap stick- i don't know why, but my lips have never been drier than when i was in labour!

    Snacks for after labour- the first night in the hospital, i woke up starving, probably because i hadn't eaten properly for a couple of days. Luckily i had a packet of cookies with me!

    Hair bands-if you have long hair

    I would take more than 2 outfits/onsies for the baby. I got through about 4 with Juni in one night- her first diaper was quite messy and she coughed up a bit of fluid etc.

    Take heaps of underwear and pads :-)
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    I think so much of it depends on whether you are the type of person that benefits from feeling more "put together" right away. Do you think you'll feel better in your own pajamas and underwear? If so, bring more than one set, because you may bleed through on them. Personally, I was okay with the hospital provided underwear and gowns. I bled through quite a bit, and wouldn't have wanted that on my own stuff, as it was just more to try and get stains out of when I got home. Also, they're going to be checking your heiny every time they come in the room, and I feel that it would've been a pain in the rear (literally) to have to pull pants up and down every time someone wanted a look at the goods. I love your idea to take tea! Totally going to go throw some in my own bag! I think I'm going to want a big, fluffy robe for this go round, and I really like PP's suggestion of your own towels. The ones at my hospital were terrible, tiny, scratchy things.

    For baby, maybe take a fleece sleeper and a plain cotton or terry one for the ride home. Then you have options. They won't take up much room in the bag, anyway. Hubby can always heat up the car before hand and you can throw one of the blankets over the car seat for the walk from the hospital door to the car I'm not packing much in the way of outfits for wearing at the hospital, as I plan on having baby skin to skin for the majority of our time there.

    Hubby's list looks good to me, too!

    We're getting soooo close!
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    During our stay, hospital provided pads and underwear, as well as soothing items for down there. Also, they provided clothing, swaddlers and diapers, etc for the baby. We didn't change her until we got ready to go home. You should see what all the hospital provides - a good question for your hospital tour!
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