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    Poll: Persephone vs. Lilith vs. Gaia

    Ok I have now idea how to set up a poll, i apologize ! if everyone could just write which name they prefer. here is a background:

    Persephone represents the change of seasons, her story embody's life , death, and rebirth. It is a strong and almost flowery name. my daughter will be born in the fall and I would love endowing her with a name with such character that embodies that shift in seasons.

    Lilith represents gender equality, freedom, and independence. Her story is demonized by Judaic, Christain, and in one form or another many other religions that seek to subjugate women. she was said to be Adams first wife, made of earth like him, and so his equal. she refused to be subservient and so was cast out of Eden. this name is powerful and imo a wonderful name to give a girl in a world where sexual objectification of women, and women's rights and equality, not just here in the U.S., but in many parts of the world, are issues that deserve the attention and passion of us all, most especially our younger generations.

    Gaia. What can I say, I LOVE this name. She is Mother Earth. Every aspect of nature; the delicate butterfly on your finger, the feirce mountaintop. She is the green of life, the blue of the oceans, rivers, and skies, the rich brown of the earth, the fire red of lava it's life blood. she is life, love, spirit, joy, sadness, pain, loss, and rebirth all in one. I love Gaia.

    What are everyone's thoughts?

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    While I sort of understand your reasoning (I disagree about Christianity trying to make women seem beneath everyone, but that could be because of my upbringing), there are two reasons why I say no to Lilith

    a) I can't get the demon named Lilith from Supernatural out of my head,

    b) It sounds like someone is talking with a lisp.

    It just doesn't sound as nice as Lillian or Lily or Liliana to me, but it could work as a lovely middle name.

    Persephone is beautiful, but could be mistaken for Stephanie (I've seen it happen before). I think Gaia is beautiful as well, so if I were to rank them, I would say:

    1. Gaia
    2. Persephone
    3. Lilith

    Persephone Lilith is beautiful, if you'd like to use both, and Gaia sounds lovely with a sister named Persephone.
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    Lilith! It's definitely the prettiest Lili- name.

    And whilst religiously we're on the same page (don't expect much support on Nameberry haha, it's full of fundamentalists), I wouldn't use a name entirely to make a feminist statement. Sexual objectification and oppression of women in religion are huge issues and ones that I feel incredibly passionate about, but your daughter's name alone is unlikely to solve anything. It's like people who wear pink 'in support' of Cancer Research without actually donating anything if you see what I mean.

    I still think Lilith is gorgeous and definitely a favourite.

    My second choice would be Gaia. It's beautiful and it's meaning is just gorgeous. My only issue with Gaia is the pronunciation; I think she'd get a lot of ''Wait... is it GAY-uh or GUY-uh?''.

    I don't personally like Persephone much, too many Ss and Ps and Es or something, I don't know. I've just personally never felt much warmth towards it, but that doesn't make it a bad name.
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    I love Gaia and Lilith. Not a fan of Persephone.
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    But all are nice.

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