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    Valerie Anne, Margaret Florence, Lillian Vera and Bonnie June.

    I've been giving it a lot of thought, and I would love to honour family members in my names.

    So far I've worked in:

    Betsy/Elsie (after my mum, Elizabeth)
    Nancy (after the many girls with the MN Anne)
    Florence (after my great grandmother, even though she hates it)
    Lena (after my great-great grandmother)
    Maud(e) (after my great-great-great aunt)
    Ruby (after the same great-great-great aunt)

    The 6 names in my signature are ones I'd like to work in, but I'm not sure how to.

    Valerie Anne - my wonderful grandmother, who is very much my hero. She grew up in England during World War II, being moved from a children's hospital to different areas of the country. She was born without hip sockets and told she would never have children, then went on to have 4, plus 7 grandchildren. I'd love to use Valerie in one of my combos, but I'm not sure where. On my mum's side, Anne is a generational name, however, I prefer Nancy to Anne, could that still honour the tradition? (Nancy is a nickname for Anne).

    Margaret Florence- my great grandmother on my dad's side - her middle name is on my list (Florence) but she hates the name Florence, sadly. Margaret isn't one she likes either, she's always gone as Dolly, which isn't my favourite. Margaret had my grandmother at 17, and, she'll be celebrating her 90th birthday this year, 9 days before I turn 19.

    Lillian Vera - Valerie's mum, Lillian Vera, hated her first name, so chose to use Vera. My mother contemplated naming me Lily/Charlotte Lillian after her grandparents, but, since Granana (as we called her) was still alive when I was born, at 92 years old, she argued with my mum about it.

    Bonnie June - my dad's mother (daughter of Margaret Florence), who passed away when I was 11. Like the other three women on my list, Bonnie (or Grandma) was tough as nails, and dealt with a fair amount. Her husband passed away when they were in their 30's, so she raised my teenaged dad and aunt on her own. I was nearly named after my granddad (Mackenzie was supposed to be my name, had I been a boy, Mackenzie means 'son of Kenneth'), and my cousin received Kenneth as a middle name, so I feel as though Bonnie June should be honoured too, especially since I was close to her.

    How could I honour Valerie Anne, Margaret Florence, Lillian Vera and Bonnie June, AND keep it within my style?

    Thanks, and sorry for the long winded post!



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    Valerie Anne, Lillian Vera, Bonnie June, Margaret Florence= honoring relatives:

    Shorter names : Vera, June, Anne

    Medium length : Bonnie

    Longer: Margaret, Lillian, Florence, Valerie

    Ideas: Vivian could be a name to honor Valerie, Vera, and Lillian

    Marjorie/ Margery can honor Margaret

    Laurette could be usedo to honor both Lillian and Margaret, as could Lara

    Lillian could turn into Jillian

    June plus Margaret = Juliet


    Margaret plus Anne = Marian
    June plus Anne plus Lillian = Janelle Beverly ( Beverly is derived from Bonnie and Vera )
    Margaret could be shortened to Mae

    Florence plus Lillian can make Flynn, Finley, and Fiona
    Margaret and Valerie can make Mallerie / Mallory
    Anne and Vera can make Ava or Aveanna / Avianna

    Avianna Marjorie = honors Vera, Anne, and Margaret

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    @ashleyjuliette - thank you! I love Juliet :-)



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