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    Oct 2009

    Grant and Garrett

    last one from me today, I promise
    One name hubs and I both really love is Garrett, but with a son named Grant are the names just too similar?

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    Yes, too close for me
    Happily married, lifelong name nerd currently in medical school

    Not expecting any little ones anytime soon, just looking for some naming fun!

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    What about Graham? Not as close.

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    May 2012
    I think Grant and Garrett are too close for me as well.
    I personally would probably avoid I and G names.
    proud of our little Lorelei (may 2016)

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    Nov 2013

    It would be OK to do,

    but it seems boring. I would go for a different letter or for Graham or Granger, both of which I prefer to Grant or Garrett.

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