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    love - Isla, Noelle, Sofia, Hadley, Harper, Charlotte, Willow, Briar, Wren
    like - Rosalie (love Rose), Sailor, Emerson (I feel Emerson is sweet on a girl. I love it for a boy, very handsome), Finlay (prefer Finn and Finley for a boy), Alexis, Harlow, Aspen, Ellery
    neutral - Greer, Collins, Penelope (love the nickname Poppy), Arden, Auden, Sloane, Reese (love Rhys for a boy), McKinley, Kinley, Lila, Kinsey, Camila, Marley, Mackenzie, Haven, Mariah, Nicole, Elowen, Arielle, Ariella, Ellison
    dislike - Gisela, Amelie, Brinley, Briallen, Lux, Milan, Zara, Valencia, Viola, Scarlet, Braedy (I like Brady for a boy), Gisele, Chantal.

    Love North as a middle name, mainly for a boy but can see it working for a girl's middle name also.
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    Sophie Elizabeth Fable
    Grace Margaret Birdie
    Emma Jane Magnolia
    Lily Anne Vesper
    Nora Vivienne Azure

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    Thisbe Nathalia Primrose ~ Helen Guinevere Mathilde ~ Ramona Lily Harper
    Arthur Victor Michiel ~ Connor Lucas Jacob ~ Iann Hidde Crispin

    Other names: Edith ~ Claire ~ Agnes ~ Margot ~ Quinten ~ Henry ~ Lancelot

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    Teenaged name lover

    Current girls- Luna, Juliet, Scarlett, Isobel, Bellatrix, Magdalena, Hermione, Isolde, Penelope, Aurora and Katniss

    Current boys- Henry, Max, Jack, Romeo, Edward, Michael, William, Jonathan, Theodore, Zachary, Louis and Gabriel

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    Rosalie - very pretty, recognizable without being too common
    Greer - beautiful, one of my favorite names
    Gisela -prefer Giselle
    Amelie - never liked this name and really don't get it's mass appeal
    Collins - I actually quite like this
    Penelope - cute, lots of nn options
    Arden - like it
    Auden - hate it
    Brinley - very trendy
    Briallen - what?
    Lux - love this!
    Isla - very pretty, beautiful sound but becoming somewhat common
    Sailor - don't like this occupational name, prefer Sawyer
    Noelle - hate
    Milan - hate
    Zara - pretty and different
    Sloane - love love Sloane, so pretty
    Emerson - nice but becoming kind of bland to me
    Reese - I'll always have a soft spot for Reese
    McKinley - trendy
    Kinley - trendy
    Lila - becoming so popular but I know the most adorable Lilah so I still love it
    Kinsey - sooo trendy
    Sofia- not a fan
    Camila - pretty but please don't call her cami
    Valencia- ok
    Viola - not te greatest sound but I love it
    Marley- dislike
    Hadley - dislike
    Finlay - prefer on a boy
    Harper - used to love because of harper lee but so overdone now
    Scarlet - love it
    Charlotte - like but love the nn Charlie
    Mackenzie - hate
    Alexis - hate
    North - not a fan
    Harlow - not a fan
    Haven - hate
    Mariah - hate
    Nicole - dated
    Elowen - love it!
    Aspen - beautiful
    Willow - somewhat common but still beautiful
    Braedy - hate
    Gisele - nms but ok
    Arielle - prefer Ariel
    Ariella - see above
    Ellery - celery
    Briar - absolutely love briar, so fantastic
    Wren - adorable
    Ellison - not my favorite but it's ok
    Chantal - so tacky

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    Rosalie is a beautiful, strong, and sophisticated name. It's one that I really love with the lilting "-ie" end. A definite step up from Rose. (8/10)

    Greer is okay. I'm not too big a fan of this name, I feel like it's a little awkward to say. Like, "Greer grinds my gears." (5/10)

    Gisela I don't like. I think it has a very strong sound that is unappealing in a little girl's name. Some similar names to consider: Sela & Isabeau (3/10)

    Amelie is adorable and at the same time, it's strong. I like the French sound of it, and I definitely prefer it over the more dated and overused Amelia & Emily. (7/10)

    Collins? For a girl? No. (1/10)

    Penelope is a cute one with a lot of history to it. It's very beautiful aloud and pretty on paper, as well. She can also go by "Penny," which I think is an amazing nickname. (7/10)

    Arden is okay. It reminds me of that Elizabeth Arden perfume line. I also feel like it's a male name. (3/10)

    Auden is okay. It's really an average name, nothing too strong or too soft. It's just meh. (4/10)

    Brinley is okay. It's average, kind of boy-ish. Nothing special. (4/10)

    Briallen is not appealing. It's a mix of a girl and a boy name, which doesn't mix well. It also looks a bit made up, to be honest. I'm not a fan. (2/10)

    Lux is a word used to describe nice, leather furniture or a high-end car. Not to describe a child. (1/10)

    Isla I love. Very soft and beautiful, with that "exotic" factor that's so precious to names these days. I even love the spelling "Ayla," which is common in my culture. (8/10)

    Sailor's cute. I think it's quirky and fun, even though a lot of berries aren't fans. I honestly feel like it's one of those occupational names that needs more exposure. (7/10)

    Noelle is okay. It's very Christian, and other than that, there's not really much to say. (4/10)

    Milan, in my culture, is a boy's name. I can't ever wrap my head around it being used for a girl. (2/10)

    Zara is a beautiful name with an equally beautiful meaning. I'd definitely keep this one on the list. This one was actually on my list for a long time before the fiance vetoed it. I was in love with "Zara Autumn." (8/10)

    Sloane I don't like. "Slow Anne." Don't do it. (1/10)

    Emerson is okay, but sometimes I feel like it's more for a boy because of the "son" ending. (5/10)

    Reese is a strong name, but I'm not sure that I really like it all that much. I love it on boys when it's spelled "Rhys," and I really don't feel either way about the name used on a girl. (4/10)

    McKinley. Like the mountain? Or the president? I'm not a fan. (3/10)

    Kinley is okay. It's a step up from McKinley, but not by much. (5/10)

    Lila I love. "Lyla" was on my list for almost 3 years, before my fiance insisted we spell it the traditional, cultural way, which is "Lajla," and it lost it's appeal after that spelling change. I still love the name, though. It's really a wonderful, soft, strong, modern, fun name for a little girl. (10/10)

    Kinsey looks like it's missing a letter. (2/10)

    Sofia is a name I like aloud, but I don't like this spelling. My top 2 spellings are the Greek "Sophia" and the Arabic "Safiyya." With this currently "f" spelling, it's a 4/10.

    Camila's old, dated, and frankly, unappealing. I don't like it and I never have. It reminds me of that Princess Camila of England. Not cute. (2/10)

    Valencia sounds like it's made up, although I know it's a legitimate name. Valentina is such a better alternative. (2/10)

    Viola isn't cute. It sounds like an old lady who's sitting in her living room, knitting and listening to viola music from her gramophone. Not for a little girl. Stick with Violet or Violeta. (3/10)

    Marley's okay. Unisex, fun, fresh. Also the name of a popular movie about a dog. (4/10)

    Hadley's okay. But I sounds like "I had Lee [insert task name here]." Not a fan. (4/10)

    Finlay is a weird spelling to try and feminize a boy's name. Don't name your little girl Finlay. Fenella, Fiona & Fionnuala are all great alternatives.

    Harper is a wonderful occupational name for a little girl, and it's got that "posh" factor now that it's the name of a Beckham. (8/10)

    Scarlet's cute. It's a color name, but one with a lot of flair. I like it, except that it's associated with "The Scarlet Letter," which isn't exactly something I'd want associated with my kid. (8/10)

    Charlotte's cute, old, classic, and it's got a certain charm and sweetness to it. I also love the many nicknames (Lottie, Charlie, Char) that come with it. (7/10)

    Mackenzie is a name that I loved so much in the past, before people began attacking the choice because, apparently, Mackenzie is a "boy's name." I still love the name, though. Just a little less. (7/10)

    Alexis is old. It's boring and expected and I don't want to see it on any more little girls. (2/10)

    North? Like after Kim K's baby? No. (1/10)

    Harlow I love. It's very old-Hollywood, with that charm and flair that's unique to well-refined actresses and debutantes. I truly do love this name and I'd love to see it used on more little girls. (7/10)

    Haven is too close to Heaven. (3/10)

    Mariah I like. I fell for it after seeing "Sister Wives," and I've loved it ever since. It's a nice variant of Maria. (7/10)

    Nicole is so old and boring and stuffy. Don't. (2/10)

    Elowen I like. Very fresh, fun, cute & up-beat. It's still "undiscovered," so your daughter will probably be the only Elowen in her class. A major plus! (6/10)

    Aspen okay, but the first syllable throws me off. It's also the name of a mountain range. (5/10)

    Willow is alright. I've never understood the fuss over this name. It's just a plain, average tree name. Nothing special. (5/10)

    Braedy is a misspelling of a boy's name. No. (1/10)

    Gisele is not feminine. It's really harsh for a little girl, and I'm not attracted to it's abrupt sound. (2/10)

    Arielle is okay. I know a girl with this name and she's always correcting people who pronounce it "Ariel." (3/10)

    Ariella's also okay. Nothing really special here, you just added an "a." (3/10)

    Ellery is okay. Why not just Ella or Emery? It sounds like you couldn't make up your mind on which one you wanted to use. (4/10)

    Briar is a nice name with a deep history, but I really don't like all the "r" sounds in the name. I'm not a fan. (4/10)

    Wren is adorable, strong, fun, modern, feminine, and sweet all at the same time. A name for a little nature lover, and I would adore seeing this name on more little girls. (8/10)

    Ellison is meh. I'm not too big a fan. It sounds like, "Hi, I'm Ellie's son." But they're a girl...? (3/10)

    Chantal is, frankly, an ethnic name. I wouldn't use it. (1/10)
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