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    Which of my new discoveries should I add to my list?

    Hi all, I came across an old name book of mine, and plowed through it to see if I found any new names I liked. And my goodness, did I! I found quite a few I was intrigued by, so luckily I have a good number of free spots on my list from axing a few I was bored with. I'll probably add around ten from the list below. So what are your thoughts on this new possibilities to add to my list?

    Alida - small winged one
    Amarinda - long lived
    Amethyst - an anti-intoxicant
    Ardelia - zealous, ardent
    Aricia (ah-ree-see-uh) - princess of the royal blood of Athens
    Aviva - springtime, youthfulness, freshness
    Cipriana (sip-ree-ah-nuh) - from Cyprus
    Dorinda - beautiful one
    Emerald - green jewel
    Gelasia (jell-ace-ee-uh)
    Harmony - unity, in tune
    Marnina - cause of joy
    Nerissa - nymph of the sea
    Ophelia - immortality, wisdom, to help
    Rue - famous; aromatic plant once called herb-of-grace
    Rumer - gypsy (just because it's so close to rumor, it would probably stay a middle
    Tempest - storm
    Zippora - little bird, sparrow
    Zita - little rose
    Ziva - brilliance, brightness

    Many thanks in advance. I'm quit overwhelmed by an influx of new name crushes. A lot of them.

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    I like:

    Amethyst - an anti-intoxicant
    Ardelia - zealous, ardent
    Emerald - green jewel
    Ophelia - immortality, wisdom, to help
    Zita - little rose
    Ziva - brilliance, brightness
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    Wow! So many great names! I really like:


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    Not expecting, just having fun collecting names!

    My name is Erin. I am 23 years old and I have been a proud name nerd since I was 10.

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    Top Four
    1. Ziva - I absolute LOVE this name. Such a gorgeous underused gem.
    2. Zippora - I prefer the Zipporah spelling though. It looks more balanced.
    3. Ophelia - Something about the Ofelia spelling draws me in more.
    4. Aviva - Gorgeous name with a lot of unexpected nicknames. Vi, Vivi, Avi, Eva.
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