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    what do you think of the name McHale?

    So, my cousin wants to name her son after her brother Michael, who died. She thinks Michael is a bit too common, but she and her husband are thinking of putting a spin on it and naming him McHale. I can't find it on Nameberry and don't have a meaning. What do you think? I love it - we're all Irish anyway

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    I love how creative that is!!! I've met a few Irish families with the last name McHale and I don't think it would be that bad as a first name.
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    Its not really my taste but Mc is a good nickname.Is it pronounced the same as Mikhail? Maybe try: Micah, Miguel, Mikko and Misha.
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    It's pretty awful to be honest.

    Aren't there any better ways to honour a Michael? ?
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    I actually kinda like it. I've liked Macrae for a boy for awhile, and McHale has the same feel to me as Macrae.
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