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    William Thomas Anders (91) m. Edith Louisa Brooks (89)
    -William Thomas Anders Jr. (68) m. Emma Katherine Jones (67)
    --Samuel Henry Anders (46) m. Viviana Eileen Larson (44)
    ---Cecily Cassandra Anders (15)
    ---Joshua Benjamin Anders (12)
    ---Eliza Adeline Anders (9)
    --Anna Eloise Anders (42) m. Jonathan Andrew White (41)
    ---Isaac Josiah White (16)
    ---Elijah Lewis White (13)
    ---Isobel Elsie White (13)
    William Thomas, Elias Christian, Malcolm James, Isaac Finnian, Joshua Benedict, Vincent Theo, Henry Samuel, Nolan Percival, Robert Julian, Ephraim Maxwell, Gideon Huxley, Arthur Kellan, Ronan Abraham, Miles Nathaniel & Jude Everett

    Alice Genevieve, Eleanor Audrey, Cecily Arianwen, Ivy Arabella, Susanna Irene, Clara Josephine, Lorena Ceridwen, Edith Madeline, Miranda Yvaine, Cordelia Isobel, Vivienne Eliza, Moira Eglantine, Charlotte Paloma, Harriet Phoebe & Aria Guinevere

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    LN: Caruthers

    Great-Grandfather 91: Arthur Thomas
    Great-Grandmother 89: Edith Mary

    Son(Grandfather)68: Arthur Thomas Jr.
    (His Wife)Grandmother 67: Lois Katherine

    Son(Father)46: Samuel Henry
    Daughter(Aunt and Mother)42: Eloise Marie

    Son (Father)46: Samuel Henry
    Wife (Mother)44: Viviana Claudette

    Daughter (15): Ava Cecily
    Son (12): Jackson Brent
    Daughter (9): Sylvie Adeline

    Daughter (Aunt and Mother) 42: Eloise Marie
    Husband 41: Andrew Maxwell

    Son (16): Beckett Noah
    Son (13): Hunter Lewis
    Daughter (13): Mia Isobel

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    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Elham Ibrahim ||

    ♥ Luna & Elham ♥

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    MadelineSophia ElizaAnnmarie LillianTessa ZoeAnnabel AmeliaCaroline SadieEmmeline AdelineMaria LucyIsabel
    ZacharyAuden NathanielThomas AsherTheodore ParkerCameron NoahBaxter DanielBrooks WilliamJack JudeAlexander

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    Last name: Brooks

    Great-Grandfather 91: Thomas Robert Brooks
    Great-Grandmother 89: Tilly Virginia Brooks

    Son(Grandfather)68: Thomas Robert Brooks Jr.
    (His Wife)Grandmother 67: Emma Lois Brooks

    Son(Father)46: Ryan Keith Brooks
    Daughter(Aunt and Mother)42: Kelly Marie Brooks-Larson

    Son (Father)46: Ryan Keith Brooks
    Wife (Mother)44: Bridgette Maria Brooks

    Daughter (15): Hallie Joy Brooks
    Son (12): Joshua Trevor Brooks "Josh"
    Daughter (9): Riley Eliza Brooks

    Daughter (Aunt and Mother) 42: Kelly Marie Brooks-Larson
    Husband 41: Andrew Warren Larson

    Son (16): Trent Josiah Larson
    Son (13): Caden Elijah Larson
    Daughter(13): Arden Jo Larson
    Rita, Adlee, River, Athena, Austen

    Kurt, Merrick, Forrest, Daniel, Ross

    Teenberry. I don't even plan on having kids, just like names.

    Love, Kaylee Mary.

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