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    Is Winona a one person name?

    I'm just pondering this-I'm not naming a little girl. I've always thought Winona was lovely but is it too tied to Ms. Ryder? I know there is a Winona Judd (?) but i don't think many people in the UK would immediately think of her. Would it sound a little tacky (especially outside the USA), like calling a kid Sigourney or Madonna?
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    I have a g-g-grandmother named Wenona, so that's who I thought of first, then Ms. Judd (love that voice!), and of course Ms. Ryder. It's already a 3 person name off the top of my head. I think your child could easily make it her own.

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    I don't think it's a "one person" name at all. I didn't even know who Winona Ryder was until I googled her just now.

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    I really think Winona is such an adorable name, and Nona as a nickname? Cute or what! I think Winona Ryder is really lovely, and idk whether it is a one person name or not. But I really like it :-)

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    Winona is a lovely name. And Winona is also the name of a place in Minnesota. But overall Winona is a really pretty name and if you like it you should choose it also Winnie in my opinion is a really cute nickname for Winona. I hope this helped.

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