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Thread: Births

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    I'd Use

    Malachi - girl
    Clyde - boy
    Monday - girl
    Celeste - girl, middle name
    Journey - boy
    London - boy first name, girl, middle name
    Glacier - unsure which gender I like it better on at the moment
    River - either
    Rain - boy
    Butterfly - girl, first or middle
    Clementine - girl
    Nancy - girl
    Dorothy - girl
    Willow - boy or girl, middle name
    Xanthe - girl, middle name
    Shiloh - either
    Sky - boy
    Avery - boy
    Edison - boy
    Seven - girl
    Liberty - either prefer boy
    Sage - boy
    Oliver - either
    James - boy
    Atticus - boy
    Emerson - boy
    Belle - girl
    Anne - middle name
    Story - either, middle name
    Bonnie - girl
    Christian - girl
    Clover - girl
    Elijah - either but prefer boy [someone I know recently had a boy Elijah]
    Current Favorite Names
    ♀ Monet | Monroe | Celsius (MN) | Malachi | Chai | Iowa
    ♂ Celsius (MN) | Monroe | Andrew

    "Cat Mom" to: Tiger Lilly Jane

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    There are quite a few… interesting choices.

    Ivy and Celeste as middle names for boys? Now there's also a girl-names-on-boys trend?

    Zirkle Kruiz. What?..

    Alekxiss is by far the worst spelling of Alexis I've seen.

    Other outstanding choices are

    Lemon Rose
    Evilynn Dior Monroe
    Wisdom Forever
    Dom-Unique Takye

    The only one I liked is Atticus Rebel. A bit too crazy, but cool.
    It actually amazes me how many people like yooneek spellings and kreatif names. To me, it screams "poor taste"! Sorry, I really don't mean to sound rude, but I just don't understand it.
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    cosmo + archer + rufus + dashiell + caius

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    Boone Foster - I like this combo. I especially love Boone as a middle name.
    Zirkle Kruiz - Oh, my.

    Clementine Gabriella - This is okay, I would prefer Gabrielle Clementine or Clementine Gabrielle. Compared to many of these combos this one is wonderful.

    Loren Bennett - I personally do not care for Loren for a boy but the combo as a whole is very handsome.

    Emersyn Frazier - Emerson Frazier would be a very handsome combo. I do not care for the Emersyn spelling for a boy at all.

    Verity Belle - sweet
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