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    The oddballs - too weird with Leo and Juliet?

    So the search continues for a possible brother for Leonard and Juliet (he's almost exclusively Leo, she's occasionally Lettie or Rosy - don't ask!). We tend to stick to classic-with-a-twist names that work in French and English. Our top runners right now are Rafael and Bastien, middle name is likely to be James. But I don't feel like either of them are perfect.

    Another one I really love right now is Cosmo. DH is fairly on board, but struggling to get over the magazine link. My main concern is that's it's slightly too weird with our children's names? ''This is Leo, Juliet and... Cosmo''. Italian names always seem to work everywhere in Europe so I tend to be drawn to them but is this *too* Italian?

    DH suggested Kipling yesterday (I was impressed because he rarely makes any suggestions - I'm not even pregnant!) and I was so so close to being fully on board. He had the author in mind, but it wasn't until this morning that I realised why I knew it from somewhere else - Mr. Kipling. The cakes. The massive UK chain of cakes. Ugghh - so annoying! I can't remember ever seeing them in France, though, so we would only have issues on this side of the channel I guess!

    What do you think? Could either of them ever work?
    And what would you suggest, in a similar vein to them, or to Rafael/Bastien?

    Thank you in advance

    My darling Léonard Cyrille (Leo) 08/11
    Little lady Juliet Sylvia Perrine (Letty, sometimes Rosy) 09/13
    - breeding program incomplete - planning for next bebe and heading to Southern France 2016 -

    Isaline / Elvira / Annabel / Erminie / Flora / Dulcie / Clotilda / Franseza - middle names Sixtine, Fenella, Juno
    Bastian / Raphael / Cosmo / Theon / Bruno - middle names James, Emmanuel

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