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    Need help with girl's name

    I'm expecting my 5th child (3rd girl) in June. My children are Daniel Lance, Andrew Dillon, Rebecca Madison, and Ruth Josephine (we call her Ruthie Jo). I would like to stick with biblical names and not necessarily one that starts with "R". I'm stumped. We had a boys name all picked out (Matthew Levi) and were waiting on the ultrasound to see if it was a girl because for some reason girls names are REALLY hard for us for some reason. If any of you could help with some suggestions, I would be most grateful.

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    Biblical girl names that I love :


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    Lydia would be my pick! I also love Mary, Anna, Diana, and Leah!

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    All your kids have lovely names. Congrats on baby!
    Here are some less common Biblical choices:
    Adah (AY-duh or AH-duh) -ornament, adornment
    Adriel -my shepherd is God
    Anna -full of grace
    Bernice -one that brings victory
    Bethany -house of unripe figs; Biblical place name
    Beulah -married; Biblical term for the Promised Land
    Candace -title for Ethiopian queens
    Carys -grace
    Claudia -lame
    Delilah -small
    Deborah -gentle
    Dorcas -female deer, doe; another name for Tabitha
    Drusilla -watered by the dew
    Eunice -happy victory
    Haddassah- Myrtle tree; another name for Esther
    Jemima -dove, daughter of Job, sister of Keziah
    Jerusha -inheritance
    Jochebed- YaWeh is her glory
    Johanna- gift from YaWeh
    Judith -testament to God
    Junia -youthful
    Keren -makeup pot; one of Job's daughters
    Keturah -incense
    Keziah -perfume; lovely fragrance, daughter of Job
    Lois -no retreat from battle
    Magda; Magdalene -the tower
    Mara -bitterness
    Martha -lady
    Melea -loved one, my dear friend
    Mical; Michal -brook, stream, water pitcher
    Moriah -seen by YaWeh, instructed by YaWeh
    Myra -I weep
    Paula -small
    Peninah -a ruby
    Phoebe -radiant, shining
    Priscilla -ancient, old
    Orpah -fawn, daughter-in-law of Naomi
    Rhoda -a rose
    Salome -peaceful
    Sarah; Sarai -princess
    Saphira -beautiful
    Shiloh -bringer of peace
    Talita -little girl, young lady
    Tamar -palm tree
    Tirzah -delightful
    Vashti -why do you feast?
    Zipporah -sparrow
    Zilla -shadow
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