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Thread: Harley?

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    To mean it sounds unisex with leaning toward feminine/cutesy

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    Harley is also a family name for me.. great-grandfather. My father always wanted me to use it as an honor name, and I've considered it for a mn (where all my kids honor names are).. I wish it would stay more male than unisex. I love the name.
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    I like Harley! I would use it for a middle on a girl, but the boy option in cute!
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    Harley was predominantly masculine until the late 80's/early 90's. Due to the motorcycles, it has a very masculine feel to it. Harley is not my style but it's not a name I'd be bothered to see on a child.
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    I really like Harley on a boy. It was my grandfather's middle name so I have always seen it as a masculine name. I would love to see more people use it for boys. I might use it as a middle name only because it seems mismatched with my other children's more traditional names.
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