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Thread: Harley?

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    I am loving the name Harley! For me, it's all boy. However, I've heard some find it to be more feminine? Also, what are your general opinions on the name?


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    I like the sound of Harley. It sounds unisex to me.
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    I like Harley on a boy. It's a family name for me, and I've only seen it on male relatives.
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    I like Harley as long as it's on a little boy. I feel like so many boy's names are drifting into that unisex category, and this name is really one that shouldn't be making that transition. Part of the reason it's completely "boy" is because of the Harley motorbikes. That association has always been the reason I saw it as a male name.
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    It's unisex to me. For a boy, spell it Harley, and for a girl, spell it Harli.

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