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    DD: Lydia Pandora (Latest book read/ Fave name)
    DS: Nathaniel Xerxes (Name from poster above/ letters U-Z)
    DS: Xavier Darcy (Letters U-Z/ Last book read)
    DD: Monaecia Lara (Not in database/ Video game)
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    DD: Belle Olympia "Bo"
    DS: Wolfram Django "Wolf"
    DD: Emeline Zelda "Leni"
    DD: Vivian Farenorth "Viva"
    DD: Leonie Inara "Leo"
    DD/DS: Zara Clementine / Barnaby Corin "Barney"

    Bo, Wolf, Leni, Viva, Leo, Zara, and Barney
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    1. Lily Winter (1+8)
    2. Zelda Aurora (11+3)
    3. Valentina Seren (8+3)

    Athena Elsa Noelle|Vendela Ophelia Elise
    Olivia|Melanie|Ophelia|Zoey|Elsa|Vanessa|Valentina |Alva|Freya|Imogen|Thalia|Lily|Noelle|Octavia

    Viggo Filip Elias|Alvin Tristan Mikael
    Alexander|Dominic|Tristan|Elliot|Benjamin|Zacharia s|Felix|Liam|Oliver|Leo|Theodore|Vincent|Colin|Eli as

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    DD: Kree Aria (name not in the nameberry database, your most recent name crushes)
    DD: Willow Juliette (your favorite name, your most recent name crushes)
    DD: Lux Elena (outside of top 500, name from video game)
    DS: Jasper Rowan (your favorite name, your most recent name crushes)
    DS: Ellis Declan (outside of top 500, name from the most recent post in boys names)
    DD: Aurora Violet (steal a name from whoever posts above you, names starting with the letters U - Z)

    Kree, Willow, Lux, Jasper, Ellis & Aurora.

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