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    DD: Lydia Pandora (Latest book read/ Fave name)
    DS: Nathaniel Xerxes (Name from poster above/ letters U-Z)
    DS: Xavier Darcy (Letters U-Z/ Last book read)
    DD: Monaecia Lara (Not in database/ Video game)
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    Caspian Sherlock Walter, Phoenix Arthur Blaise, Ptolemy Alexander Remus, Horatio Albert Louis ✦
    Mister Men

    Pandora, Georgiana, Lyra, Fae, Clara, Hermione, Alexandria, Evanthe, Persephone, Beatrix
    Little Misses

    Please click here to help me decide on some combos. Thanks! Refresh if you get an error message.

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    DD: Belle Olympia "Bo"
    DS: Wolfram Django "Wolf"
    DD: Emeline Zelda "Leni"
    DD: Vivian Farenorth "Viva"
    DD: Leonie Inara "Leo"
    DD/DS: Zara Clementine / Barnaby Corin "Barney"

    Bo, Wolf, Leni, Viva, Leo, Zara, and Barney
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    his and mine are the same"

    k m

    August Barnaby Roland Whitney Atlas
    Florence Beatrix Vivian Helena Twila

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    1. Lily Winter (1+8)
    2. Zelda Aurora (11+3)
    3. Valentina Seren (8+3)

    Ophelia|Athena|Freya|Melanie|Morgana|Cassandra|Imo gen|Noelle|Vanessa

    Benjamin|Tristan|Alexander|Dominic|Aidan|Killian|Z acharias|Oliver|Felix

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    DD: Kree Aria (name not in the nameberry database, your most recent name crushes)
    DD: Willow Juliette (your favorite name, your most recent name crushes)
    DD: Lux Elena (outside of top 500, name from video game)
    DS: Jasper Rowan (your favorite name, your most recent name crushes)
    DS: Ellis Declan (outside of top 500, name from the most recent post in boys names)
    DD: Aurora Violet (steal a name from whoever posts above you, names starting with the letters U - Z)

    Kree, Willow, Lux, Jasper, Ellis & Aurora.

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