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Thread: baby number 2

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    Rylen David Barbrey and

    Poet Danielle Barbrey
    Fable Danielle Barbrey
    Harper Danielle Barbrey
    Ashlyn Danielle Barbrey
    Wren Danielle Barbrey
    Arden Danielle Barbrey
    Hadley Danielle Barbrey
    Emerson Danielle Barbrey
    Hayden Danielle Barbrey
    Waverly Danielle Barbrey
    Shelby Danielle Barbrey
    Whitley Danielle Barbrey
    Presley Danielle Barbrey
    Tatum Danielle Barbrey
    Hollis Danielle Barbrey
    Harlow Danielle Barbrey
    Keely Danielle Barbrey
    Sheridan Danielle Barbrey
    Ellery Danielle Barbrey
    Anniston Danielle Barbrey
    Ashby Danielle Barbrey
    Everly Danielle Barbrey
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    heart my son

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    Congratulations! First of all, I love the name Danielle! I think a happy medium between the two might be an uncommon but well known, strong feminine name, but with a tomboy nickname! My ingenious name is... Veronica! Veronica is beautiful, strong, feminine, but not too common. And the genius nickname with it is... Ronnie! I LOVE Ronnie! It's cute, fun, and not too boyish! Ronnie also sounds good with Rylen, so that's a bonus to! I love Veronica with the nickname Ronnie!

    Other names I like are...
    Cassidy (I love Cassie!)
    Addison (Addie!)
    Abigail (Abbie!)

    I hope I've helped!
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    How about Ellison? It has a unisex sound, it's modern, and has the very feminine nn Ellie. Or what about Aubrey? Technically unisex it sounds very modern and feminine. I really like the sound of Aubrey Danielle too
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