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    Rank these 1 to 10

    Rank these in order your favourite being 1 your least favourite being 10

    1. Evanna
    2. Mollie
    3. Brandy
    4. Thea
    5. Anna
    6. Jana
    7. Eva
    8. Hailey
    9. Gracin (pn Grace-in)
    10. Cadence
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    1. Anna
    2. Eva
    3. Thea
    4. Mollie
    5. Cadence
    6. Jana
    7. Hailey
    8. Evanna
    9. Brandy
    10. Gracin

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    2.Evanna but I pronounce this is evAWNah

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    1. Eva

    2. Evanna
    3. Anna
    4. Thea

    5. Hailey
    6. Jana
    7. Cadence
    8. Mollie
    9. Brandy
    10. Gracin (Never seen this, maybe Grayson? But that's all boy to me.)

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    1. EVA! I adore her. She's so classy and timeless and sweet, and still refreshing to hear. I adore her, and I think Evie's such a cute nn.

    And I'm sorry, I have to say the rest I don't really care for at all, so Eva's pretty much a 1 for me, and the others are equally about a 10--there's nothing wrong with them--I just don't care for them at all. But if I were to rank them:

    2. Anna. A nice, classic name, and I adore the nn Annie.
    3. Hailey. I'm not sure I love the spelling, but I adore Hayley.
    4. Mollie. A sweet girls' name, even though I've never been a fan. I prefer it as a nn for Mary or Amalia, but it is nice, all the same. I also prefer the Molly spelling.
    5. Thea. A rare, unexpected girls' name, and it'd make a lovely choice. I just wish I could love it more.
    6. Cadence. I've never really seen the appeal, but I met a little girl whose name was Cadence nn Kate, and I thought that was really cute. Besides, she was adorable, so I've found some appeal in the name.
    7. Jana. J-ANNA or JAY-nah? Either way, I like Jane or Anna more, but it's probably because I knew a Jana that drove my sisters crazy, so it isn't the best association for me. Still a nice name, though.
    8. Evanna. It's okay--I just like Eva and Anna much better as they are, and even Evonne...
    9. Gracin. I'm sorry, I just find Grace so lithe and feminine and graceful and classy--Gracin is cowboyish and masculine, even with this spelling. I love Grace, but don't care for Gracin/Gracyn/Gracen at all.
    10. Brandy. I guess it has an appealing sound, but it's always sounded quite trashy and slutty, if I'm being honest (sorry!), and I don't think the association to alcohol helps it any.

    You do have a lot of lovely options here--Eva, Anna, Thea, Mollie--they're all really lovely and age well. Good luck!
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