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    I adore Lyra. It's on my list but it clearly is too short compared to my other favourites (I'm a fan of 3-4 syllables). LyraRose sounds pretty, but looks.. I don't know. I just don't like it at all. Make it Lyra Rose, imo. You can always give her a double first name, use Lyra as a first name then add a longer middle, or use it on the middle spot and choose something else up front.
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    So here's the thing. You sound like you're planning to have more than one child. You both really like Lyra. So, if you let him "win" this time, with the mutual understanding that you get to pick the first name for the next one, doesn't that work out really well for you? It's a little sneaky, but who ever said marriage doesn't occasionally involve "win-win" situations that are really a little more of a "win" for one person than the other?

    It's not that LyraRose (or Lyra Rose) isn't nice, but it's a little bit of overkill, you know? Lyra is stunning on its own.

    Good luck and best wishes,
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    Thank you all so much! I'm still torn about all the options: Lyra on its own, Lyra Rose, using it as a middle name... But everything you have said has been really useful. I'd love to hear more if anyone else has advice, or if anyone has an opinion on the edit I added to my original post. You all are fantastic as always!
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    I love Lyra and Juno together! Two strong, sassy girls' names! And no, I don't think that would hem you into using four-letter, two-syllable names for a (hypothetical) third child. Go with Lyra! It's awesome. :-)
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    I would definitely do Lyra Rose instead of LyraRose. If you like longer, more formal middle names, what about Lyra Rosabel, Lyra Rosalie, or another Lyra Rose-name. Then you could call her Lyra Rose as a nickname, or even Rosie, Rosa, etc.

    I think the connection to your early dating period is very sweet. And since your husband loves the name so much, and you like it enough, and it carries so much meaning for you both, I'd let him have it (on the grounds that you get to name the next one!). And I don't think Lyra and Juno are awful. They both have spunk. What about Lyra and June? Lyra and June are lovely together, and you could nickname June into Juno, June-bug, Junie.
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