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    Names of South West England. Dec- Now.

    As per usual, an interesting mix of names with a few stand-outs. Thoughts?

    Tiarose Mai, Sister to Ryli and Cailen.
    Amelie Sophia Louise.
    Gracie-Neive Elsie, Sister to Riley.
    Aubree Gillian.
    Arabella Rose, Sister to Rogan.
    Rheya Anne, Sister to Jonah and Finley.
    Evie May.
    Laila Saleh.
    Beatrix Elizabeth, Sister to William and Edison.
    Daisy Hettie, Sister to Myles.
    Phoebe Nevaeh Florence.
    Zoe Rebecca, Sister to Rory.
    Esme Naomi.
    Talitha Cerian Esme.
    Eva Holly, Sister to Lewis.
    Chloe Eloise, Sister to Esmay, Lucy, Daniel and Zara.
    Lillie Elizabeth Anne, Sister to Logan and Connor.
    Neve Ella, Sister to Ewan.
    Nancy Elizabeth, Sister to Isabelle.
    Alissia Rose.
    Nanci Rene, Sister to Lewis.
    Maddison, Sister to Tyler.
    Isabelle Alice, Sister to Callum and Henry.
    Joscelyn Jane, Sister to Riley and Leo.
    Edie Florence, Sister to Oscar.
    Edith Jessie.
    Lily Isabella.
    Tiani-Faith Margaret, Sister to Riley, Finley, Ryan, Sophie and Imogen.
    Isla Beatrice, Sister to William.
    Amelia Grace.
    Matilda Marie, Sister to Florence.
    Daisy Kathleen.
    Bethany Jane Lamorna, Sister to Toby.
    Eva Grace.
    Holly Frances.
    Mia Robyn.
    Caitlin Paige.
    Darci Richelle, Sister to Tiah.
    India Jane, Sister to Harley.
    Scarlett Ann.
    Esme Rose.

    Harry William.
    Tom Ashley, Brother to Kate.
    Casper Alec John.
    Artos Eric, Brother to Eartha.
    Charlie James David, Brother to Chloe.
    Michael Braxton.
    Joey Michael.
    Jacob John.
    Joseph William, Brother to John.
    Noah Alexander, Brother to Rosie.
    Colby Jack, Brother to Amelia, Ryan and Summer.
    Lucas, Brother to Lara.
    Jack Arthur, Brother to Emma Elizabeth.
    Max Edward.
    Freddie Charles, Brother to Chloe.
    Alfie James.
    Wil James, Brother to Isla.
    Noah Alan Philip.
    Theo James.
    Teddy Joe, Brother to Theo.
    Calum Hayden, Brother to Kian.
    Freddie John.
    River, Brother to Cosmo and Ziggy.
    Jack Paul.
    Edward Walter Michael.
    Jos Maxwell.
    Jacob, Brother to Zach.
    Kian Merryn.
    George Edward, Brother to Evie.
    Henry James, Brother to Ben.
    Thomas James, Brother to Daniel.
    Travis James.
    Justin James.

    Jadie and Mason. (Twins)
    Tallulah, Persephone, Eris, Saskia, Natasha, Zhanna, Matthias, Andreas, Dean, Isaac, Jude, Christopher, Caleb, Victor, Fabian, Skyler, Dexter, Cecily, Alannah, Savannah, Hester, Britta, Xanthe, Temperence, Violetta, Anton, Anatoly, Maksym, Ilya, Raphael, Gabriel, Xanthe, Carmen, Electra, Dahlia.

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    It makes me sad that people keep misspelling names!

    The only sibset that caught my attention is River, Cosmo and Ziggy. All of these names are on my guilty pleasure list! I wish I could meet people who named their children that.
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    Colby Jack?! That is a type of cheese!

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    River, Cosmo and Ziggy! Wow! Psychedelic or what?

    It seems that the idea of misspelling a name to make it "yooneek" is a terrible disease that seems to be spreading across the Big Pond! Quick, someone please call a doctor to help vanguish this scourge on society!
    All the best,

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    Beatrix Elizabeth - love this one!! wow

    Talitha Cerian Esme. - I love Talitha. Anyone know how Cerian is pronounced? sehr-ee-ahn?

    Bethany Jane Lamorna - Bethany Jane is very sweet

    Casper Alec John - I'm glad to see this being used!

    Lucas, Brother to Lara. - Lucas and Lara are a cute set
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