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    Finish my Sibset

    Okay berries, I just had my second child 3 weeks ago, and just for fun I'd like to start thinking about names for my future children now. Ideally we would like to have 4 children total, not that we are in any rush!
    Not going to include names from our previous lists, just want to hear what YOU think would work beside my girls: Azula Rosemary & Indira (Indie) Coral.

    I'd love a couple girl suggestions and a couple for the boys. My maternal grandmother had FOUR SETS of (fraternal) twins so that is a very real possibility for us as well, so I'd also love suggestions for if my next pregnancy would be a multiple.
    Thanks folks!
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    Wow this is tough because your kids names are so unique!!!
    So these are the only ones I could come up with:

    Azula Rosemary
    Indira Coral
    Esmeralda Orchid
    Atlas Barrett
    River Sutton

    I would actually be really curious to know what your boys name list looks like!
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    I actually love Esmeralda and Atlas!

    OK to give you all some direction here are a few that DH and/or I like:

    Girls: Athena, Sage, Saffron, Esparanza, Juniper, Lorelei, Moon

    Boys: Atlas, Ender, Fox, Ericson, Archer, Zephyr, Zane, Arrow
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    Saffron Joanna sprung to mind for you, not sure why! Athena Saffron might work better though (I LOVE Indira and Azula's names!). From your boy's list, Zane Archer jumped out at me.

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    I LOVE Esperanza in your sibset.

    Esperanza Sage?

    Or Sage as a fn on the boy side?

    Some twin ideas;

    Esperanza Faye and Sage Ericson
    Saffron Jane and Fox August
    Esmerelda June and Forest Zane
    Silas Robert Patrick - 7/10/13

    Brother or Sister due March 15

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