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    I made a mistake!

    Ok, first of all I am not pregnant. However, we are going to start trying really soon. My husband and I already have a couple girls names and one boys name we are certain about. I got so excited and I love the names so much I shared them with a few close friends and family members. Well now, one of my cousins is pregnant and she told me she wants to use one of the names! I told her that was a name my husband and I have had picked or for awhile. She didn't receive that well and now it's awkward. I am honestly so anxious she will still use the name or one of the others I told her.


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    Is it a name that you and your DH for sure are going to use, or just one in a list of other names? If it's just one of many, I would let it go. There are so many great names out there!
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    It's the #1 name for a baby girl. It has a ton of meaning to us.

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    Just let her know that you and your husband plan to use the name regardless if she uses it. You can't make her change her mind like she can't change yours.
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    Just use it no matter what.

    Cousins with the same name is no big deal.

    And you'll both always know that you were the one who brought it up first.

    And it may never be an actual problem! She might not have a boy. You might never have a boy.

    Don't make things dramatic issues until they are actually a problem.
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