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Thread: Shiloh?

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    I have adored the name Shiloh for as long as I can remember, but I'm not sure whether or not this name would work in real life. Could a little girl, a teenager, a professional woman and an elderly woman hold this name well? Would it look out of place in England (among Sophias, Lilys, Emilys, Claires, Lucys etc)?

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    The times are changing and uncommon names like Shiloh may give you some hesitation but it's really a lovely name. It's harder to imagine on an older woman because it's less traditional.

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    I love Shiloh but for a boy, and despite the use on Angelina's daughter, I only picture it on a boy. I would much rather see an elderly man named Shiloh than a lady...
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    I know three people named Shiloh. A 23 year old man, an 18 year old girl and a woman in her late 30's. They all wear it well. It's such a fun name than people won't forget.
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    Shiloh is lovely, I know a teenager with the name and a brand new baby. It fits both ages, and I could easily see it on a woman in any stage of life. While "edgy," it still has a history (biblical city) and isn't anywhere near "kre8if."
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