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    Similar to Aster: Astrid, Esma, Stella, Esther, Ethel
    Similar to Cassie: Cassandra, Cassia, Cosima, Cosette
    Similar to Cambria: Cameron, Bria, Brinn/Brynn, Amber, Avia, Caia
    Similar to Chloe: Coralie, Cordelia, Cora, Zoe, Ottilie
    Similar to Freya: Eira, Reina, Ria, Rhiannon, Frida
    Similar to Hannah: Hana, Anna, Hannelore, Savannah, Henna
    Similar to Juno: June, Juna, Jana, Juniper, Una, Oona
    Similar to Kylie: Islie, Kyla, Isla, Kaya, Kai, Kinley, Kinsley
    Similar to Lilith: Delyth, Gwyneth, Lilia, Lillian, Meredith
    Similar to Lily: Millie, Tillie, Winnie, Lila, Lula, Lola, Lulu
    Similar to Noelle: Estelle, Elona, Nora, Belle, Isabelle, Annabelle
    Similar to Pandora: Theodora, Dorothea, Adira, Honora
    Similar to Quinn: Wynn, Queenie, Gwenna, Gwen
    Similar to Riley: Rhea, Ila, Lee, Lea
    Similar to Ryan: Ryo, Rye, Rhya, Rima
    Similar to Sage: Gage, Paige, Sadie, Aggie, Agnes
    Similar to Snow: Winter, Neva, Gwyneira
    Similar to Talia: Natalie, Natalia, Alia, Tally, Lia, Ally, Toula
    Similar to Taylor: Tyla, Tyra, Tahnee, Twila, Taya
    Similar to Willow: Willa, Woe
    Similar to Zoey: Zia, Zanna, Zahara, Zara, Zoeline
    Similar to Zora: Maura, Moira, Zola, Zofia
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    He hasn't liked any so far I'm starting to think he's more picky than I am lol. I appreciate the suggestions.
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    If you both love Hannah but want something that's not popular, what about Susannah? You could call her Zana/Zannah which is obviously Hannah with a Z
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