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    New -bella name!

    I just posted a thread--and then closed it--about Bellatrix and Trixibelle. My new thoughts: Neither of them work, but Christabella does! Thoughts?
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    Works for what?

    I love Bellatrix, I like Christabel.

    Christabella seems really OTT to me and Trixibelle sounds like either a pet or a stripper
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    Christabella is gorgeous! Seriously.

    Clarabelle/Clarabella too. But I prefer Christabelle for nn Chrissy (I fell in love with it after Nanny McPhee haha).
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    I like Christabella! It has the same feel as Bellatrix, but it isn't so close it's unusable.
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    personally, I prefer Christabel. Christabella reminds me of Isabella. I am one of those people that prefers Annabelle instead of Annabella. I also prefer Isabel to Isabella.
    I also like Norabel

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