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    For some reason I like fire related word names, like Flame, Fire, and Blaze, although I suppose Blaze is okay, and I've settled with spelling it Blaise, as it's got the same sound. Anyway, my kids would probably sound like arsonists or something. :P Also there was a Lupus was in a series of books I once read, and it means wolf so it could be a less obvious way of getting to wolf, but it's a disease so no way.
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    I can't believe I'm actually typing this, but...

    I've always secretly liked the sound of Marijuana. Especially pronounced like it would be in Spanish: mahr-ee-HWAH-nah. It's the Spanish version of Mary Jane, really, which I also love. I have Mariella Jane on my list right now so I can steer almost completely clear of the botanical reference, but still have that sound in there.

    Darn you, potheads, for ruining a perfectly pretty name!
    If I had a baby today, I'd name him or her…
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    Chlamydia. Pretty name, not the best meaning.

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    I met a Calamity last night! I didn't get to ask her middle name, it was a Caribou drive though so I thought it'd be weird. Pretty sound, horrible meaning.
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    Shallow. If it didn't basically mean superficial, than I'd love it!

    And Lint. Like Link?

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