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Thread: BNG with die

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    BNG with die

    What I did: I picked a name from "searched right now", then chose a list that contained that name. Rinse & repeat
    Use this die to play:
    You may use as many middles as you wish, but they must be all from the same list!
    Have fun!

    1st baby: Girl

    First name:
    1-2. Roman names for girls
    3-4. Stylish L baby names
    5-6. If you like Georgia, you might love...

    Middle name(s):
    1-2. Helen's international variations
    3-4. Coolator for girls' names
    5-6. Irish baby girl names

    2nd baby: Boy

    First name:
    1-2. Mythological baby names for boys
    3-4. Nature baby names
    5-6. If you like Oscar, you might love...

    Middle name(s):
    1-2. Middle names for boys
    3-4. Designer baby names
    5-6. Unique baby names from history

    3rd baby: Boy

    First name:
    1-2. Steampunk baby names
    3-4. Literary baby names for boys
    5-6. If you like Ethan, you might love...

    Middle name(s):
    1-2. Surname favorites
    3-4. The O names
    5-6. Dark baby names

    4th baby: Girl

    First name:
    1-2. Feminizations
    3-4. Nicknames for girls
    5-6. If you like Olivia, you might love...

    Middle name(s):
    1-2. Autumn baby names
    3-4. Toddlers & Tiaras baby names
    5-6. Cool baby names that start with I
    Italian teenberry with synesthesia. Environmentally obsessed.
    I have a habit of disappearing for sometime and then reappearing.

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    D: Lillian Elena
    S: Arthur Hudson
    S: Bartholomew Carson
    D: Henrietta Brooke

    Lilly (14), Arthur (11), Tolly (9), and Henny (5)!
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    Florence, med student, writer and name lover.

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    1.Calliope Lilian Oxx (Callie)
    2.Perseus Sven Oxx (Percy)
    3.Étienne Douglas Oxx
    4.Octavia Iris (Via)

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