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    What are your feelings about Max? JUST Max?

    I've always liked the name Max and as I talk more with my husband about names we both like, I'm realizing a lot of names I hold dear are not names that he will ever agree to name a future son. While it's upsetting, I'm trying to strengthen my love for some names towards the bottom of my favorites list that he has said he would consider i.e. Max.

    Here's my thing about Max... I like full names. I don't like names that sound like a nickname. I really like Maxwell, but our last name begins with "El" and it just sounds ridiculous. I have never been a fan of the "Maximus" or "Maxim" (trashy magazine, anyone?) or "Maximilian."

    So, it leaves us with just Max. We both like it and I THINK despite being short and used as a nickname for some names, it CAN stand alone as a full name. Do you agree? Do you like Max?

    If used, full names would be Max Jameson. Does that sound too trendy together? My husband's name is James and it's a family name on my side as well. We want to use either James or Jameson as a middle name. Max James sounds odd to me so that leaves us with Max Jameson.
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    Names hubby and I agree on for #2: Gwyneth (Gwen). Vivian (Vivi or Viv). Claire. Rhoswen (Rosie or Winnie). Alice. Eden (Edie). Marie. Anneliese (Anna or Annie).

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    Maxton? I feel like Max should be a nn, but it's also totally acceptable by itself. I went to school with a just Max

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    Max feels like a nickname to me, sorry. I'm not a big fan of it, but it's okay. I quite like Maximilian and Maximus.

    Max Jameson sounds modern, but not trendy. I prefer James to Jameson, but of course Max Jameson sounds much better.


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    I am not at all a fan of giving nicknames as names, but I do think that Max can stand on it's own. That said, you could also get to Max by using Maddox, Mackenzie, or Mason. Really any Ma- name could work.

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    Forgot to say: Usually I would prefer James, but I like the middle name Jameson, because he will be James' son!

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