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    Revamping List: Suggestions Needed

    Even though I have a huge list, I don't love them all so I'm looking for new suggestions.

    This is my entire list:
    Alexander/Aleksander, August, Augustus, Alaric, Anton, Arthur, Alasdair, Augustin, Apollo, Azriel, Azariah, Basile, Basil, Blaise, Balthazar/Baltasar, Brennan, Castiel, Cedric, Conrad, Dean, David, Desmond, Elijah, Emmett, Edwin, Flynn, Felipe, Giles, Gideon, Godfrey, Godric, Henry, Henrik, Hugo, Japheth, Jude, Jolyon, Julian, Julius, Jethro, Jeremiah, James, Leonidas, Laurence, Leon, Loki, Louis, Leopold, Lucian, Michael/Mikhail, Matthew, Malcolm, Marcellus, Nikolai, Neville, Pascal, Ptolemy, Phineas, Philippe, Perseus, Peregrine, Peter, Phoenix, Rhys, Raphael, Remiel, Remus, Roland, Rhydian, Rainer/Rainier, Serafin/ Seraphin, Sidney, Simon, Sebastian, Tarquin, Truman, Thomas, Taliesen, Tobias, Victor, Wesley, Walter

    I bolded my favorites.
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    Nissa -- Elsa -- Rauha -- Karolina/Karoliina -- Melina -- Lucia -- Saoirse -- Dagny -- Rosemary -- Lydia -- Grace/Gracia -- Teresa -- Eleanora -- Kirsten "Kirsi"

    Einar -- Bjorn -- Ragnar -- Leif -- Pavel "Pasha" -- Soren -- Ruben -- Finn -- Alarik -- Felix -- Daniel -- Brooks -- Dmitri "Dima" -- Kristoffer "Risto" -- Elessar -- Illarion

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    How about weeding your list down to the names you love, and then looking for new ones to add? I found when I weeded my list, it was easier to see what style of name I was attracted to.

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    Hey - I went through my longer list and just wrote out all the names I didn’t remember seeing on your list. Maybe something will spark inspiration.
    Abel, Abram, Artemis, Avery, Benedict, Benjamin, Benji, Caelan, Christoph, Constantin, Earnest, Elliott, Eoin, Eric, Felix, Gryphon, Gideon, Harlow, Hector, Ian, Jacob, Kiran, Korbin, Liam, Lior, Lucas, Ludwig, Maximilian, Nicholas, Niklas, Owen, Prosper, Quinn, Quirin, Theodor, Torben, Torsten,Tristan, Vaughn, Wolfgang, Zachary, Zane
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
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    "Walter. That’s good. I’ve never known a little kid named Walter. It seems like an old man’s name, but I guess you have to start somewhere."

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