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  • Elijah Perseus

    12 18.75%
  • Elijah Balthazar

    10 15.63%
  • Elijah Roland

    22 34.38%
  • Elijah Augustus

    20 31.25%
  • Other. Please explain.

    0 0%
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    Godfrey, Marcellus, and Alaric are all rarely heard names with a sort of ornate, medieval quality to them. They remind me of elaborate stained glass window mosaics like the kind you see in old cathedrals. Elijah needs a middle name with a similar feel, and Serafin, Balthazar, and Augustus are the only choices that have that quality. My favorite is Elijah Balthazar. Balthazar is just an awesome, awesome name.
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    Thank you everyone for your opinions.

    More thoughts please!

    I've narrowed my list down to:
    Elijah Perseus
    Elijah Balthazar
    Elijah Roland
    Elijah Augustus

    I'm not quite in love with any of the combinations yet. Any suggestions would be helpful.

    I still love the Henry Elijah/Henry Elijah King combination. It's not completely off my list, but I am thinking of Elijah more for a first name.

    I didn't even noticed how close Rhydian and Rhys were look wise. The sounds are different, but I don't like that they look so similar.
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    Well I see they've been nixed, but my favorites were Elijah Conrad and Elijah Truman. I also agree with @ash in that I love(d) Henry Elijah King!

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    I would love to hear more thoughts on the final four combinations. I can't choose between them. In a little bit I'll add a poll.

    To the people that voted, could you please tell me why you voted for your chosen combo? It'd helped me make my choice.
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