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    Please Please Help Us Decide

    Hi, I'm Gracie and I'm seventeen, young I me. But me and my boyfriend Noah are expecting a little girl very soon and we just cannot settle on a name. We have settled on Ella Grace, Elisa Brinley, or Bradley Katherine/Olivia? Please help us decide!!!!!!

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    I like Ella Grace the best. I'm not a fan of Bradley for a girl, but I think Katherine Olivia is beautiful.

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    I'd go with Ella Grace. It sounds sweet and sophisticated to me. I don't like Elisa Brinley. Bradley is all-boy to me.
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    Katherine Olivia is a wonderful blend of classic and spunk

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    Quote Originally Posted by aj_bear View Post
    Katherine Olivia is a wonderful blend of classic and spunk
    I agree with this but I prefer Catherine Olivia

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