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Thread: vetoed

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    Well, all of my girls names have been vetoed. Me and my boyfriend had agreed on Seraphina Irene for a girl, but his family HATES that name. It was so perfect because all of the other names I enjoy he was either lukewarm on or outright hated. It also has a strong meaning, which is important to me, yet it is still beautiful.
    So, can you guys help me discover another beautiful name with either a powerful meaning or historical weight? The middle name will still be Irene (it is to honor my grandmother).

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    I'm kind of disturbed by your post. I have a question: if you and your boyfriend have found a name that you BOTH agree on, why are the family even involved? It's a decision between the parents, not the family. Does his family have such a strong influence that you're going to cave in? Stick with Seraphina and the family will come round when the baby is born.
    All the best,

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    I have to say we are having the same problem! It's hard to agree with your partner and every new person you ask an opinion of is another voice. However, I know it feels nice to have the approval of your family when you respect their opinion.
    I would either just go with it, it is a beautiful choice. Or pick once more and don't tell the family until the baby is here.

    Do you like

    all these vetoed names from my list sue to DH and family

    Good luck!

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    THIS is why we didn't tell anyone what we were going to name our baby until she was born! Give your baby the name YOU want for her.
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    I had a baby today, I would name him/her...
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    Don't listen to them. The only people whose opinions matter are the baby's parents -- you guys! Name her the name you both love. Seraphina is beautiful.

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