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    Jul 2013
    I love Damien, it's dark and sexy but still accessible. I used it on my first bunny baby when I was about 11. I wish I had thought to save it.
    Mommy to one Snug.

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    I love it. I default to Damian, but either way. I don't find it dated. I've only ever known one, so....

    I have to agree that it is sexy.

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    Thanks guys love this name too

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    I think of a very handsome sexy guy would have that name with a little mystery

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    I like Damian (this spelling only). Damian is a saints name - strong yet soft, romantic and dashing. When spelled Damien, it becomes the child of Satan in "The Omen" film. Isn't it amazing what one letter can do to a name's image?
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