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  • Anna Beatrix

    30 63.83%
  • Anna Marguerite

    19 40.43%
  • Anna Callista

    8 17.02%
  • Anna Juno

    5 10.64%
  • Anna Evangeline

    7 14.89%
  • Anna Cassandra

    2 4.26%
  • Anna ________ [your suggestion]

    0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Jul 2013
    Of the meanings I like best Anna Beatrix, Anna Evangeline and Anna Juno. Well, I think the first two's flow is nice, but Juno is a bit too short for Anna.

    I can't decide if my favorite is Anna Beatrix or Anna Evangeline...
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    Jan 2014
    Your list is amazing - mostly bc of the wonderful meanings! So neat.

    It's funny, I don't normally like Beatrix, but with Anna, I think it works really well! Maybe I just prefer it as a middle. It does have a spunk to it!

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    Jul 2013
    I like the meaning of Anna Beatrix best, but I like the sound of Anna Callista.

    Also, to me, Anna Cassandra rhymes, so...

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    Mar 2013
    I voted for Anna Beatrix. Yes, the main reason is flow. And that I love Beatrix.

    Anna Marguerite - very pretty, just don't think it flows as well as Anna Beatrix. Plus you already have a Mar- middle name.
    Anna Callista - nice, but doesn't have the spunk of Anna Beatrix. Maybe Anna Calliope or Anna Cordelia?
    Anna Juno - don't love the look of this one, both names 4 letters, ending in na/no.
    Anna Evangeline - pretty but has the repeating -an (letters and sound), I do love Evangeline tho.
    Anna Cassandra - too rhymey.

    therefore, Anna Beatrix wins! I'd say my runners up are Anna Marguerite and Anna Evangeline.

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    Apr 2010
    Anna Marguerite and Anna Beatrix are my favourites. They just look and sound really good together. Anna works less well with names with a shared sound (Cassandra and Evangeline have "an" and Callista has the same "a" ending). Anna Juniper would be look better on the page than Anna Juno (both have four letters so it just looks too short).
    All the best,

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