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  • Beaumont John Liam Crise

    11 16.18%
  • Calloway John Liam Crise

    18 26.47%
  • Oliver John Liam Crise

    28 41.18%
  • Barrington John Liam Crise

    3 4.41%
  • Theodore John Liam Crise

    30 44.12%
  • Schuyler John Liam Crise

    9 13.24%
  • Everett John Liam Crise

    34 50.00%
  • Redmond John Liam Crise

    7 10.29%
  • Chancellor John Liam Crise

    1 1.47%
  • Dashiell John Liam Crise

    20 29.41%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Red face 9 Days Until He's Due!!! Please Give Your Input & Vote :)

    Trying to narrow our choices down to two for the delivery room, which names do you find the most appealing?

    I would love if you chose at least a couple favorites for our handsome little guy. We want a preppy name that is still approachable and easy to pronounce, but we would like it to be less common. John and Liam are names that honor family members.

    Beaumont John Liam Crise - "Beau"
    Calloway John Liam Crise - "Cal"
    Oliver John Liam Crise - "Ollie"
    Barrington John Liam Crise - "Bear"
    Theodore John Liam Crise - "Theo"
    Schuyler John Liam Crise - "Sky"
    Everett John Liam Crise - "Rhett"
    Redmond John Liam Crise - "Red"
    Chancellor John Liam Crise - "Chance"
    Dashiell John Liam Crise - "Dash"

    All comments, criticisms, & ideas are welcome. We want your input before we name our first baby to be!


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    The only first names I like here are Everett, Theodore, and Oliver. But I don't like Ollie, so that one's out. For the other two... I think I prefer Everett to Theodore, but I love Theo much more than Rhett. I find the others quite surnamey, which isn't my style. I'd love if Cal was for Callum, but Callum John Liam is a lot of M's. So I think I vote Theodore. Or Everett.

    Best of luck!

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    Dashiell seems to fit your criteria best. Preppy but approachable.

    Everett, Oliver and Theodore are also preppy and approachable, though more common, but still fantastic names!
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    Schuyler!! I love it in it's authentic form. Everett is nice too, and Dashiell is alright. Beaumont, Chancellor, Redmond and Barrington are a bit too much, in my opinion. Some suggestions that still have that preppy feel:

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    Some stunning choices!!! I voted for Beaumont, Calloway and Redmond. I would LOVE to meet a baby Beaumont (nn Beau).

    I also like Barrington (Bear), Everett and Theodore.
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