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Thread: help!!!

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    Lilah -- LOVE it, its girly, pretty and fun!
    Jac -- NMSAA unless its a nickname, to me its all boy. I know you don't like Jacqueline, but what about Jacee, Jacinda, or Jacynth?
    Penelope --I like it, its cute, peppy, and upbeat!
    Bella -- Its alright, I'm kind of tired of the Bella craze, especially after Twilight.
    Ava --Cute, but overused IMO
    Marlowe -- Cute, but I don't think its very pretty sounding.
    Ivy -- its alright, its hard to nickname if that's a good or bad thing for you.
    Poppy-- Its cute! You could use the full name of Penelope and have Poppy as a nickname too.

    I'll order your names from what I like best to least: Lilah, Penelope, Poppy, Marlowe, Ava, Ivy, Bella, Jac
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