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    Cair Paravel :)

    Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater...

    Let's talk about Peter.

    He's a longtime favorite of mine, and I love how he's curious and mischievous and yet proper on a little boy, but kind and gentlemanly and down-to-earth on a grown man. He was one of my first favorite boys' names (if not THE first favorite boys' name I ever had), and I know I know I really love him. I even feel like he goes with the rest of my list reasonably well (particularly Everett, Jack, Declan, Grant, and Daniel). I'm pretty sure I even know where most Berries stand on him. I guess I'm just torn as to whether or not I really want to add him to my list again. I love the ties--Peter Pevensie, the Apostle Peter, Peter Rabbit... and I love that he's timeless. But am I ready to commit? Do I really love him? That's my dilemma, I think.

    WDYT? Where do you Berries stand on Peter? And while we're at it--combo ideas?
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    I can’t use Peter, but it’s a name that’s grown on me. Classic but don’t commonly heard today, and Pete is a great nickname.
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    Peter is so dapper. As you said, a very timeless name. It's very elegant as well.

    Combinations (one or two middles?):
    Peter Absalon
    Peter Antony
    Peter Aurvandil
    Peter Charles
    Peter Helios
    Peter Henry
    Peter Jeremy
    Peter Lysander
    Peter Peregrine
    Peter Valentin
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    I love Peter. It sounds super classy as a grown man. Also makes me think of Peter Pan.

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    I can't use Peter because of Spiderman, and I honestly hated the movies that much! Lol, but it's a great name. Its darling on little toddlers. Id love to meet a little Peter, maybe I could like it more!
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