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    Sybilla pearl.... Sweet or too sickly?

    Trying to soften sybilla by adding a soft mn. Is pearl too old lady or works well?

    Pearl ties in well with the meaning of our eldest daughters name. We are in the uk & really want to steer clear of 'filler names' such as rose or Florence which are very common over here

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    I think it's very sweet. But I'll look for something more flashy, but that's just me. Name s gorgeous.

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    I think it's very pretty. I can't speak to whether it feels at all filler in the UK, but I think Pearl complements Sybilla nicely. Sybilla has kind of a pearly image in my mind.

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    When I see Sybilla Pearl, I automatically want to make it Billie Pearl. That's just the Southerner in me though. Personally I would go with something less frilly for Sybilla's middle name. Sybilla Faye, Sybilla Fern, Sybilla Gwen, Sybilla Jade, Sybilla Maeve, Sybilla Niamh, Sybilla Tess, Sybilla Wren... something alone those lines.
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    Oh, my! Sybilla Pearl! This has got to be one of the best combos I've seen on here in a long time. Very, very sweet. Definitely not too old lady!

    I agree with southern.maple about the one syllable mn. I do particularly like Sybilla Maeve. Maybe Sybilla June? Sybilla Claire? Sybilla Jane? I like Sybilla Pearl the best, though.

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