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    doesnt seem like a name that rolls off the tongue for daily use... 'Navy! dinner is ready!' or 'hurry up Navy!' feel weird to me.

    also because my family is Army naming a child after a 'lesser' branch wouldnt work. could never split it from the military connotation anyway.

    love the color though
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    Ha ha thanks guys! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I really like hearing people's honest opinions. As far as it rolling off the tongue my dad had no issues yelling out "NAVY JANE!" whenever I did something wrong, but he's probably had more practice than most Just trying to get a feel for this site and hopefully meet some nice people.
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    Because my family is a big military family (multiple in Navy and Army, as well as one Marine) it just doesn't float my boat. But I do think Navy Jane has a ring to it Also, I could totally see it as an awesome middle for someone in the Navy to give to their child!
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    I'm NOT A FAN. I know it's your name, so no offense, but it seems silly.

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    I'm fairly neutral on it. I have a big military family with a grandfather in the Navy so it strikes me as rather odd but not horribly unusable.
    I've met a boy with the middle name Navy which wouldn't have been bad had his last name not sounded like Sailor. It can be done, it just takes a special person to pull it off.

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