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    I was kind of thankful for my name it's something you hear everyday, but not as a name. I was the only Navy in my class all throughout my schooling and I was rather happy about that. Nothing irritated some girls more than being Ashley M. or Jessica B. Maybe they choose the less popular route to avoid things like that, they want their child to be "unique" it's kind of the same way with alternate spellings. I think Lauren is just fine, but why Lawryn? Are we trying that hard? Than again at the end of the day to each their own.
    Ashlea, Ashleigh, Ashlee... all sound exactly the same as Ashley. I've seen so many misspellings of popular names, it makes me want to cry. Michael sounds just like Mykle, only poor Mykle will constantly have to correct everyone. That's another problem with the popularity rankings. I looked at one of the social security lists for recent years (2010-2012ish), and tallied up all the numbers for -ayden names for boys, only looking at the top 1000 list. I took that number, and divided it into half the total number of births in the US. (Obviously almost exactly half of babies would be male). Something like 8% of boys were given an -ayden name that year. I'm sure if I looked beyond the top 1000, it might be even higher. My ex called them "pretentious misspellings." He even said my name was one of those, LOL. Yep, I agree. I always had to correct people, even if I always had to answer to Firstname L. If you look at a name like Nevaeh, and all the misspellings of heaven spelled backwards, Nevaeh combined with its many misspellings is far more common than most people realize. It would probably rank closer to #30, not #39.

    That being said, with the exception of -ayden, most of these names are nowhere near as popular as some people think they are. The internet (especially nameberry) has completely changed the world of baby naming. My parents just discussed some names they'd heard, decided on a name they liked, and that was it. My husband and I stressed and stressed for months!

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    The answer to your question of why people say no to popular names is:
    1. they are unaware of the statistics or
    2. if they are aware of them they don't understand them and/or
    3. if they understand them the feel so traumatized by past common names and have been so indoctrinated into society's obsession with uniqueness and singularity that they choose to ignore statistics
    4. or a combination of 3 and just liking weird names. Though I honestly think more people rationalize the truth of 3 with 4 since they're really spins on the same thing.
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    Names do sound less "exciting" to me when I hear them a lot, even if I love them. For the names in my signature, I know four or five Victorias and while I still love it, it's not as thrilling to see or hear any more. Personally I prefer more unusual names, yes, but unusual as in I haven't/don't hear them all the time rather than what's statistically popular. Canadian popularity charts are unfortunately not easy to find and not as detailed (or helpful) as US ones, but in the US my name was top 20 or 30 for the year I was born and for most of my life I didn't know any.

    That being said, I would use the names I loved most regardless of popularity. Uniqueness/rareness is nice, and maybe that would make me love a name more, but if my favourite name became #1 I'd still use it. As you can see from my signature, some of my favourite names are top 100 and some aren't even in the top 1000 at all. I haven't met many people- or anyone- with most of those names though. I love my top 4 (Azalea, Sebastian, Cordelia, Fitzwilliam) so much and have for so long, and they all have personal meaning to me, so I couldn't see myself falling out of love with them too easily. But *shrug* who knows, and it'll be at least ten years before I have kids anyway.
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    Realistically, I get all of that. But I'm still turned off by most "popular" names. I wonder if some of it comes from being active on parenting message boards/facebook selling page. On my FB, there are about 15 Harper's. I used to love Harper but now all I think of is "too common". I doubt there are 15 Harper's in my small town but I just don't see it that way.
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    I have been guilty of dismissing a name just because it's too popular. Then again, the heavy hitters of the top lists these days are names I genuinely don't like anymore - Olivia was a favorite of mine back in high school but now it just makes me yawn. I never did like Isabella. Ava is pretty, but meh. I think I'm more guilty with boy names. My dad and I were bandying names about the other day (I'm not even pregnant yet, ha) and he suggested William, which I immediately shot down. However, it stuck in my mind and I realized that even though it's William - super common and all - it's still a great name with a lot of tradition. Now I love it.

    I think my tendency to do this comes from being referred to as FirstName C. for the majority of my childhood.
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