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    I think that for a lot of us naming children today, we grew up as one of the kids who always had to have their last initial attached to their first name. For example, my husband is Matt and there were even times there were more than one Matt B in his class/ group! So of course he wants to avoid that for his kids.
    But for me, it isn't the popularity that decides it. We just decided we wanted names for our kids with clean slates, no associations with people we knew. Since we know lots of kids now, it naturally eliminates lots of popular names we liked. But some not so popular ones too.
    We live in Canada where
    my first son Sebastian is in the top 100
    my second Oliver is in the top 50
    and my daughter Harriet is NEVER heard

    But we didn't know anyone personally (at the time) with any of the names, and we loved them all. So, I guess it's really a combination of factors that help us choose our names. So far, Oliver has only been Oliver R in one play group-- so who knows!
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    For me, if I absolutely love a name, I'm going to use it regardless of popularity. I can understand people wanting their children to have a name that isn't so common, but if I had to choose between naming my daughter Sophia or making up a name, I'd choose Sophia in a heartbeat.
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    I posted something almost identical to this several months ago. The consensus seemed to be that people figure the further away they get from the Top 50/100/200, the less likely they will find ANY other children that share their child's name. They want to avoid their child being "one of 7" in their class, even though those situations are very rare anymore. They want a name they've never heard anybody use. Sometimes it backfires, like when you choose the name Zebbediah because you think it's super unique...only to find out that two of your son's classmates are Zebaadyah and Zebuhdiya. Hypothetically.

    I don't personally concern myself much with the "Top X," I consider trends and styles. I won't go for Haidynn or Aubreiella or Rainbow Clementine Sunshine Berry or anything similarly trendy because they're going to be dated and ridiculous in 10 years (and they're silly now anyway). I like to check the top charts to see the trends..what names are coming back, what names are going out, which letters are popular, which styles are popular...stuff like that. Just for fun. But when it comes down to actually choosing a name for a human, popularity charts will factor very little into my decision. The only "popularity" issue I have is that I will not choose a name that any of my friends or family have used for their children.

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    Haha, in my brother's kindergarten class, every single boy shared his name with at least one other boy. There were something like 6 Daniels, 2 Davids, 3 Michaels, and 3 Jameses. This does not happen anymore.

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    I agree with this - I used to be anti popular, until I realised that less than 1% of kids are given the top name. However, I work with children, so I do hear some names a lot. For example, there's at least one Nathan in every class (one class has 2), therefore, if I stay in my area, I wouldn't choose Nathan on my son. I also know at least 5 little Ava's - so Ava would likely be out, unless I move. However, I've only ever met one Emilia, and never an Amelia - so Amelia's fine for me to use. Same with Liam - I've never met a child who is just Liam, but I know two William's.
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