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Thread: Just Anne?

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    Ordinarily I would say that Anne is classy and gorgeous in its simplicity. However, according to your signature you already have an Odelia Genevieve at home. Anne feels a little too plain next to the mysterious Odelia Genevieve - you would have to pair Anne with something magnificent and maybe a bit extravagant to equal Odelia’s great name. I’d be worried that little Anne might think of her name as boring in comparison to her sisters (despite the amazing family connection).
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    I love Anne, and even DH (Mr Picky) just said that he likes it!

    I would also use a longer middle, something like

    Anne Evangeline
    Anne Eleonora
    Anne Persephone
    Anne Lavinia
    Anne Cordelia
    Anne Aurora
    Anne Vivienne
    Anne Seraphina
    Anne Georgiana
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    Anne is a perfect example of the phrase "less is more". She is short, simple and sweet. No frills and no fuss. It's a name of simplicity and understated elegance. I agree that she would pair best with a more unusual mn. Go as wild as you want or choose a guilty pleasure name than that you wouldn't even dare consider for a first name. Anne Peridot speaks to me!
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    Thanks all! It's nice to see that other people like it too! We'll add it to the list for future consideration if we end up with another girl!

    lexiem - that is something that I am worried about, and it's why we were looking for a longer form of Anne that would stand next to Odelia better, but we haven't come across one so far
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellaroo View Post
    We're been thinking about honoring my husbands gran, who was called Anne. We've been thinking about all of the different An- names but what do you think of just Anne?

    We'll probably use the nickname Annie 99% of the time because we both love it. Also, we'd probably pair it with a more long, uncommon and interesting middle name to spunk it up a little.
    LOVE Anne spelled this way. Reminds me of the illustrious and fascinating Anne Boleyn.
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