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    Wren and Lark for a boy?

    What do you think? I first heard the name Wren on a male character in Pretty Little Liars so I initially thought that it's a masculine name. I know that Lark is mostly used a girl's name, but I feel like it could work (as a MN) for a boy as well. Thoughts?

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    Lark has never ranked in the Top 1000 for either gender. It's very uncommon and Wren even more so so I consider them unisex.

    Lark is on both my boy and girl list as a fn, but it's closeness to Clark makes me prefer it for boys. Wren isn't a favorite but I like it for both genders.

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    I personally would use them only as female names. I love Wren.
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    I actually prefer Larkin for a boy instead of just plain Lark. When I hear Lark I think of Lark Voorhies from Saved by the Bell.
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    I know a male Wren and Lark (actually, it's Shiloh Larkin). I think they work fine with on either gender. There's nothing girly sounding about either that should keep them off a boy and they're nature names so they are unisex.
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