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    Jul 2013
    Illinois, USA
    We live in Molde

    LN: Stensland

    DH: Casper August
    DW: Lena Elisabeth Fjeld

    DS (speaks to animals)/DD: Theodor Finn "Theo"/Amelie Charlotte
    DS: Tobias Emrik
    DS: Felix Petter
    DD: Runa Astrid
    DD/DS (grows plants): Liv Karoline/Mathias Caspian
    DD: Hanna Vilde
    DS: Sebastian Bjorn

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    Dec 2013
    The tenebrous fissures of my mind.
    (I've never seen Frozen.)

    Location: Arendal

    LN: Jondahl-Nygaard (Reminds me of Mathias Nygård, vocalist of the Finnish folk-metal band Turisas.)

    DW: Kaija Liisa Nygaard
    DH: Hanno Jaako Jondahl

    DD: Veslemøy Maiken Jondahl-Nygaard
    DS: Bendik Krister Jondahl-Nygaard
    DS: Runar Gustu Jondahl-Nygaard
    DD: Tuva Ingebor Jondahl-Nygaard
    DS: Viggo Mathias Jondahl-Nygaard
    DS/DD: Erling Dag Jondahl-Nygaard / Gunvor Turid Jondahl-Nygaard
    DD: Kinga Olava Jondahl-Nygaard (Power: Prophecy)

    - Francesca

    "What fiction could match - in drama or suspense - man's first walk on the Moon?"
    - Leonard Nimoy, Spock

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    Jul 2013
    Location: Bergen

    LN: Opperud

    DH: Elis Claes Opperud
    DW: Ingrid Jytte Opperud

    DD: Maiken Oline Opperud
    DD: Anna Elisabet Opperud
    DD (Affinity with trees): Cecilie Linnea Opperud
    DD/DS: Rebekka Lovise Opperud/Gunnar Magnus Opperud
    DS: Simon Nils Opperud
    DD (Healing): Ida Reidun Opperud
    DD: Tilla Ylva Opperud

    Elis & Ingrid Opperud
    Maiken, Anna, Cecilie, Rebekka, Gunnar, Simon, Ida, Tilla

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    May 2013
    Location: Stavanger
    LN: Lunde
    DH: Maximus Eirik Lunde
    DW: Ingrid Britta Katrin (Bergene) Lunde

    DS: Theodor Nicklas Pelle
    DS: Henrik Halvor Konrad
    DD: Dina Emilie Pernille
    DD: Astrid Juliane Iben
    DD: Josefine Gerd Elise
    DD/DD: Irene Lumi Moa and Siri Jaska Alette (has an affinity with trees)
    DS: Sebastian Magne Olander

    Max and Ingrid with Theodor, Henrik, Dina, Astrid, Josie, Irene, Siri, and Bash
    Adelina Ophelie Sparrow | Esther Andromeda Pearl | Phoebe Winifred Briar
    Guinevere Dove | Posy Imogen | Rosemary Eluned | Honora Yvaine

    Leopold Elias Wolfgang
    | Idris Caspian Finch | Benedict Eamon Gray
    Jupiter Samson | Desmond Fox | Eleazar Atlas | Orion Ramsey

    Circe | Alder | Daisy | Dane | Juno | Lincoln | Cassiopeia | Sage

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    Nov 2013
    Oric & Silvaine Dalseid.

    #1 birth, Girl twins: Elsa Rose & Helene Astri Dalseid.
    #2 birth, Boy twins: Henrik Aksel & Konrad Joakim Dalseid.
    #3 birth, son: Bastian Fredrik Dalseid.
    #4 birth, daughter: Astrid Hermine Dalseid.
    #5 birth, son: Caspian Ludvik Dalseid. Persuasion.
    #6 birth, daughter: Siri Inger Dalseid.
    #7 birth, son: Andreas Sebastian Dalseid.

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